Avara – Our LVT Flooring and Wall Collection

Avara collection

Parterre’s Carolina Walnut design in Avara is Class A fire rated for wall applications.

Parterre explores the use of luxury vinyl on both floor and wall applications with the launch of our newest collection, Avara Luxury Vinyl Floor & Wall. Designed to evoke a sense of comfort and tranquility, Avara’s designs offer texture and depth for both floor and wall applications to capture the feeling of home in any living or commercial space.

The Avara collection includes 26 luxury vinyl designs—24 planks and two tiles—hand-selected from current Parterre collections and formatted into a 2mm thickness. With a home-like ambiance in mind, Avara’s luxury vinyl options range from soft wood grains and contemporary planks to delicate stone looks—incorporating the resimercial trend often found in commercial design.

“Avara has an overall balance of color and tone — grays, browns and other neutrals in both warm and cool tones. The designs chosen for the collection coordinate well together, whether mixing multiple products in one flooring installation or choosing two options for a complementary wall and floor pairing,” said Parterre Product Designer Roche FitzGerald.

Parterre’s Moraine Walnut design is Class A fire rated for wall applications.

Perfect for both flooring and wall installations, the collection was created to be versatile. When used on the floor, Avara provides a balance for living spaces like apartments and condominiums, as well as light commercial environments. Beyond the floor, Avara’s plank designs are Class A fire rated for use on wall applications in commercial interior spaces. Incorporate a striking wood aesthetic to create movement and intrigue on an accent wall or select a coordinating design on the floor for a seamless flow from the ground up.

chair on avara flooring

Parterre’s Surrey Oak design in Avara is Class A fire rated for wall applications.

“When choosing designs for a feature or accent wall, a product with a texture is key,” said FitzGerald. “A design with a texture or pattern will show movement on the wall without falling flat — something designers, or possibly even patrons, will want to go up and feel for themselves.”

The designs from Avara were selected and formatted to a 2mm thickness from Parterre’s current collections: Vertu, InGrained, Fused, and Storri. Some collection highlights include Cumbria Beech, an abstract wood grain look with a soft texture and watercolor-like feel ideal for contemporary settings; or for a cooler ambiance in multi-family settings, Matira Stone and Devon Stone are the two tile options featuring a subtle, yet detailed concrete pattern. For feature walls in living spaces, restaurant or boutique stores as well as flooring installations, reclaimed wood looks Kennett Ash and Kennett Chalk are neutral colors with intriguing patterns.

22 of the luxury vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl wall plank designs are 6” x 36” x 2mm in size, the two Kennett designs are 7.25” x 48” x 2mm, and the luxury vinyl tile options are 12” x 24” x 2mm. In addition to the 2mm dryback format, a selection of Avara designs are available in 5mm Loose Lay and 5mm Rigid Core Click formats. Each 5mm format offers an easy installation method, as well as benefits with added sound reduction.

All designs in the Avara Luxury Vinyl Floor & Wall collection have the quality of craftsmanship that Parterre is known for. Utilizing hot press technology, Avara has a sturdy construction with multiple layers of backing that are fused together to create a tighter bond for a more stable product all around. Not only Class A fire rated for wall applications, all Avara 2mm plank designs are also FloorScore® certified.

Like all of Parterre’s luxury vinyl products, products from the Avara Floor & Wall collection feature an ultra-clear, high-performance wear layer that is easy to maintain and has a resistance to staining and scuffing. The result is a beautiful surface that is both long lasting and durable.

Request samples of Parterre’s new Avara Luxury Vinyl Floor & Wall collection today, or learn more about our 5mm Loose Lay and 5mm Rigid Core Click products.