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Educational Flooring

Beautiful and Practical Educational Flooring

It is not only the design, innovation and utility of Parterre’s educational flooring that makes it superior — it is the connection we share with those that use it. That connection is simple: Inspiration. Students learn more from their lessons and instructors when they are surrounded by inspirational beauty. So do we. The world around us inspires our designs and we hope that the worlds we design inspire those who function in them.

The utility and comfort of a student’s space, whether it is in a college dorm, classroom, student center, private school or daycare, will forever be a part of their memories. With Parterre flooring, those memories will be more pleasant. And with our unrivaled durability and ease of cleaning, your educational facility can spend less funding and energy on maintenance and more on student support and development.

Campuses at New York University, Texas A&M, Columbia and Mississippi State have all chosen Parterre for their educational flooring needs. These institutions understand not only the importance of aesthetic and inspirational qualities in educational flooring, they also appreciate the utility and safety that comes along with this type of specialty vinyl flooring system.

Durable — Our vinyl flooring is designed to meet the demands of any educational environment. Whether cleaning up after a spill in the student union or dining hall or tidying up after some fun times in a dorm room setting, our vinyl flooring systems are easy to keep clean. They are built to withstand the heavy foot traffic and sliding chairs and desks. And when repairs are necessary, they can be easily maintained. We craft our flooring to be hassle-free.

Diverse — There are so many different types of educational needs that no one flooring solution could possibly satisfy them all. Luckily, Parterre offers many collections to fit any style. Whether you need the cool, soft, neutral tones of a study room or lounge or something more artistic and stimulating, we have the ideal educational flooring style.

Sustainable — It is one thing to glean inspiration from the world around us, but we do not stop there. Parterre recognizes the importance in preserving that which inspires us. We approach every aspect of our flooring systems with sustainability in mind. Design, production, daily use and disposal are all mindfully managed. We use 25% post-consumer and 20% post-industrial recycled material from both manufacturing and vinyl flooring scrap to create our eco-friendly products.

Inspirational — All the practicality in the world will not make your educational flooring create an environment of comfortable learning. We believe that the feeling a floor gives is incredibly important. Students spend a lot of time in their educational environments. With a Parterre floor, you can help students feel inspired and comfortable, allowing them to make the most of their education.

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