School Flooring

School Flooring Benefits


Inspiring designs to encourage creativity in academic spaces



Created to withstand high foot traffic and spills


Minimal upkeep to minimize disruption to students and teachers

Beautiful and Practical School Flooring

It is not only the design, innovation and utility of Parterre’s school flooring that makes it superior — it is the connection we share with those that use it. That connection is simple: inspiration. Students learn more from their lessons and instructors when they are surrounded by functional and beautiful designs that inspire. The world around us inspires our designs and we hope that the spaces we design inspire those who live and work in them.

Education flooring, whether it is a college lobby design, classroom flooring, the student center, private school or daycare, will make a lasting impression. With Parterre flooring, choose from the best flooring for schools to create a welcoming environment. Our versatile designs, including wood or stone looks and other unique finishes, give you endless school flooring options. And with our unrivaled durability, comfort and ease of cleaning, your educational facility can spend less funding and energy on maintenance and more on student support and development.

Campuses at Columbia UniversityNew York UniversityTexas A&M, and Mississippi State have all chosen Parterre for their university flooring needs. These institutions understand not only the importance of aesthetic and inspirational qualities in educational flooring, they also appreciate the utility and safety that comes along with this type of specialty vinyl flooring system.

Our vinyl flooring is designed to meet the demands of any educational environment offering a durable product that lasts. Whether cleaning up after a spill in the student union or dining hall or tidying up in a dorm room setting, our vinyl flooring systems are easy to keep clean. They are built to withstand the heavy foot traffic and sliding chairs and desks. And when repairs are necessary, they can be easily maintained. We craft our flooring to be hassle-free.

Not only easy to maintain, Parterre luxury vinyl comes in a wide variety of design choices, making it the best flooring for schools. Parterre offers a range of collections to fit any style, whether you need the cool, soft, neutral tones of a study room or lounge, something more edgy and stimulating or solid accents to match a school’s branding and colors.

All the practicality in the world will not make your schools flooring create a comfortable environment to learn in. Since students and faculty spend a lot of time in educational environments, we believe that the feeling a floor gives is incredibly important. With a Parterre floor, you can help students feel inspired and comfortable, allowing them to make the most of their education.

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One Element Every Space Needs

One Element Every Space Needs

Designed to enhance and perform, Parterre offers a dynamic range of resilient vinyl flooring products.

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