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Pleasant and Practical Healthcare Flooring

The medical industry — be it hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, dentists and doctor’s offices, or clinics — has at least one requirement in common: quality, healthcare flooring. In an industry where every physical aspect must be mindfully selected both for utility and aesthetics, the right healthcare flooring choice is essential. This is why respectable names like HCR ManorCare and ProCure feature Parterre flooring nationwide. These healthcare facilities share our ideals and mission for only using the best healthcare flooring with design, quality, durability, and maintenance in mind.

Quality healthcare flooring is not only about utility — its functionality includes how aesthetics make a person feel. Waiting rooms and lobbies should feel comfortable and home-like. Parterre’s choice of collections such as InGrained and Vertu can help to reduce the stress of long hours and often-averse circumstances that require extended stays. And when resilient sheet vinyl flooring is needed for larger, sterile environments like emergency rooms or intensive care units, our Remedy Health Floor is an ideal choice.

Quality means many things. In our case, it means everything. Factors such as cleanability, noise, comfort when standing and walking — as many healthcare providers do all day — and safe ease of use are all assets. Comfort for those interacting with healthcare flooring is of the upmost importance. When it comes to Parterre flooring:

  • Health is the key concern; Parterre floors are hygienic, asbestos-free and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wheeling a gurney, IV stand or wheelchair is smooth and effortless.
  • Voices, footsteps and other noises are absorbed and not reflected too loudly.
  • Slip resistance is paramount. Our vinyl floors are made using slip-resistant materials.

These are just some of our quality standards — ones that we practice and uphold with all of our healthcare flooring products. Our quality is in the safety, comfort and durability.

Durability is essential when it comes to our products. With many facilities requiring around the clock foot and machine traffic, healthcare flooring is one of the most heavily-used applications of vinyl flooring. For this reason, we design our flooring to withstand heavy use. And if repair is required, we craft our product with easy maintenance in mind.

Not only are our flooring products durable, comfortable, safe, and sanitary, they bring ease and comfort to those using them. We bring beauty to utility by carefully crafting our styles from an artist’s perspective. Employees, patrons and waiting patients alike will experience the highest level of comfort on Parterre floors.

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One Element Every Space Needs

One Element Every Space Needs

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