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Hospitality Flooring

Aesthetically Pleasing and Safe Hospitality Flooring

Hospitality flooring — whether it’s in a restaurant, coffee shop or hotel— requires the perfect combination of comfort, cleanliness and color scheme. A high frequency of foot traffic also demands hospitality flooring to be made of long-lasting design elements to ensure a certain level of reliability.

Parterre’s durable vinyl flooring collections consist of bold and dependable designs, textures and colors that makes perfect assets for any restaurant, hotel, entertainment venue or cafeteria setting. Our flooring is featured in the Hilton hotels, Starbucks, Famous Dave’s, and various other dining and hospitality establishments nationwide.

Hospitality Flooring

Take for example the Park Tavern in Dallas, TX. The hospitality flooring in this particular restaurant features an eclectic mix from our Fused: Infrastructure collection, a flooring system that fuses the look and feel of concrete, steel, glass and wire that makes the floor feel like you’re standing in the middle of a big city.

The reason our flooring is featured in so many major hospitality establishments throughout the country is because of our unique philosophy on providing quality flooring systems across all industries. It is our belief that hospitality flooring should feature the following elements:

  • Aesthetics  — The design and décor of hospitality flooring should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and should coordinates well with surrounding branding efforts.
  • Comfort — The people who work in the hospitality industry are usually on their feet for long periods of time, so the flooring system should help alleviate fatigue and general discomfort.
  • Resiliency — Because the hospitality industry often involves food and refreshments service, the flooring system should be able to withstand any spill or any mess. Hospitality flooring should be easy to clean and simple to maintain.

Since 1991, Parterre has proven itself as a quality flooring systems specialist through the creation of a series of inspired designs. The proof is in the multiple success stories we’ve been able to create across many industries. Our luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect fit for your next hospitality flooring project.

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