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Multi-Family Flooring

Practical and Elegant Multi-Family Flooring

In any living situation, the type and look of the floor is a huge part of feel and function. If the floors are carpet or hardwood there is the worry, hassle and expense of cleaning and maintaining — a time-consuming task that, once neglected, can become challenging to fix.

Parterre has a simple, elegant and effective solution for your multi-family flooring needs, be it town homes, manufactured housing, apartments or condominiums — a solution chosen nationwide by community developers such as Aimco and Avalon Bay.

Our collections are steeped in possibilities and practicalities:

  • Possibilities — With our selection of flooring collections, the possibilities are endless. Choose a modern feel from our soft and natural Vertu collection. Design a warm, rustic and natural space with our Elemental, InGrained or Reside collections. Or take an industrial, contemporary approach with our Fused collection. With such a wide breadth of style choice you can create the multi-family flooring style to attract anyone.
  • Practicalities — Aesthetics aside, multi-family flooring must be long lasting and durable — two traits that Parterre prides itself on. We produce the kind of flooring that will last. The kind that family after family can enjoy and use. Employing a stunning and tough product like Parterre’s multi-family flooring not only keeps future repair costs low, it builds value in the form of desirably gorgeous décor.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and value-building remodeling solution, Parterre’s multi-family flooring is ideal. Our vinyl flooring products are not only practical and elegant, they make your space feel like more than an apartment or condo— they help create a home. And the differences between a house and a home are vast. Our flooring creates a gut-level value people appreciate in a space — a value that reflects who they are and what they want. Creating such a space using quality multi-family flooring provides a profound worth for those who live in these spaces, not to mention a tangible pride for those who provide them.

If you are interested in adding value and beauty in the way of luxury vinyl multi-family flooring to your town homes, manufactured housing, apartments or condominiums, contact us for more information.