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Retail Flooring

Durable and Distinct Retail Flooring

Retail flooring can take a beating — especially in retail environments like supermarkets, department stores and shopping centers where a high volume of foot traffic can cause great strain and stress. These busy settings require durable vinyl flooring capable of withstanding the specific needs of any retail environment.

The reason Parterre flooring is featured in hundreds of well-known retailers nationwide including Lord & Taylor, T.J. Maxx/HomeGoods, Whole Foods and New Balance, is because we understand quality retail flooring should strike a fine balance between being both durable and beautifully designed.

Parterre’s premium vinyl flooring is designed to meet the unique demands of a wide variety of industries and applications. Retail flooring in particular is special because it requires not only great designs, but also flexible layout options that provide varying levels of durability and continual comfort so a customer can shop with ease.

Design combinations for retail flooring vary — consisting of everything from wood plank designs to more modern floor tiles, complete with light or dark tones and color options across the spectrum.

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The reason our flooring combinations are featured in so many well-known retailers is because we believe retail flooring should be:

  • Quiet — Vinyl flooring surfaces are quieter than other materials (ceramic, porcelain or wood) being used in most retail shopping centers . A customer should feel at ease when traversing over any flooring combination.
  • Easy — The installation and maintenance of retail flooring should be simple and easy, so as not to disrupt the shopping experience.
  • Clean — Retail flooring should be immaculate. Flooring should not only compliment the cleanliness of its surrounding retail environment, but should be durable enough to prevent splitting, cracking or other unwanted marks or scuffs. And instead of it needing to be professionally cleaned every night, like carpet and other flooring surfaces, vinyl flooring doesn’t require continual day-to-day up keep.

This philosophy on retail flooring, as well as those across all other industries, is a proven winner. We utilize cutting-edge manufacturing strategies that allow us to present the highest quality material with the most distinctive designs. This combination, in our opinion, creates a product that features endless possibilities.

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