Hospital Flooring

Hospitals have very unique needs when it comes to their flooring projects. Much like some of the other industries we’re featured in, hospitals require a special level of care and specific considerations due to the high standards included within the healthcare industry.


Most hospital facilities are open 24/7, 365 days a year, which means the flooring selection is particularly important because of the around-the-clock foot traffic, not to mention the incessant stress created by heavy medical equipment, carts and beds. Hospital flooring also needs to be comfortable for the nurses and doctors who are on their feet for many hours at a time taking care of patients.

Our philosophy on hospital flooring is that it should always be:

As SANITARY as possible. Hospital flooring should be designed in a way that enhances an already sterile environment, but also aids in infection prevention and is hygienic and asbestos-free.

As DURABLE as possible. Hospital flooring is expected to take a beating from heavy foot traffic, not to mention gurneys, wheelchairs, and other wheeled devices like I.V. stands. Therefore, it should be as durable and low maintenance as possible.

As EASY as possible. Ease of maintenance is crucial when it comes to working in a hospital environment. Because hospital flooring is often heavily traveled upon, maintenance workers should be able to clean and repair it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As SAFE as possible. Anyone who enters a healthcare or assisted living facility should feel confident that it is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Hospital flooring should also be as resistant to slips as possible, and as resilient as possible when falls do happen.

As WELCOMING as possible. Because, for some, a hospital setting can be very intimidating, the hospital flooring selection should be welcoming and comforting. A big trend in healthcare is making waiting spaces, as well as patient rooms, feel like home. The wood look is very popular right now, which makes vinyl flooring a great option especially since materials like wood are not as desirable for healthcare settings.

Parterre’s resilient vinyl flooring is considered ideal for hospitals, medical offices, urgent care and x-ray centers, as well as assisted-living facilities. We’ve created an entire collection — our Remedy collection — around the special needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Other products and designs from our core collections (Vertu, InGrained, FusedToo, Hardcore and Sensatia) are also often used for lobby areas or waiting rooms. Sensatia is especially good with its calming colors and designs. Luxury Vinyl Tile is another good option in a hospital setting.

Check out this Hospital Flooring case study we did for Carilion Giles Hospital.

Parterre’s hospital flooring systems are featured in such nationwide healthcare facilities as HCR ManorCare and ProCure. Our flooring can be found all throughout a hospital facility — from waiting rooms and emergency rooms to nurse stations and cafeterias. No matter where it is, we believe hospital flooring can play a pivotal role in creating a positive and healthful environment.

As a proven leader in flooring systems solutions since 1991, we at Parterre Flooring take projects within the healthcare industry very seriously — both in terms of design, durability and hygiene. We pride ourselves on being able to find inspiration across all industries. Contact us today to learn about our broad selection of flooring solutions.

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One Element Every Space Needs

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