Endless Design Inspiration

In an industry that is constantly re-inventing itself — both in terms of function and aesthetics— inspiration is paramount. Design professionals of all types rely on this inspiration day in and day out as they strive to create the most prolific interior environments imaginable.

Parterre’s palette of luxury vinyl designs is thoughtfully created using inspiration from the natural world around us. Our luxury vinyl flooring has helped transform visionary concepts into the most radiant reality possible in industries ranging from healthcare and hospitality to retail and even multi-family environments.

Our digital Luxury Vinyl Flooring Look Book includes examples of the following flooring installations:

  • Large and small corporate office spaces
  • Modern restaurants
  • University/educational facilities
  • Healthcare spaces
  • Multi-family residential developments
  • Retail environments (i.e. supermarkets and clothing stores)
  • Fitness studios/gyms