Luxury Vinyl on Walls

When designing a commercial interior environment — no matter if it is a restaurant, corporate office or retail store — there is much to consider in terms of the look and feel of the space. After a general design or color scheme is chosen, finding the appropriate furnishings, lighting fixtures and paint colors to match follows suit. Among the design elements to consider, one of the most important ones is choosing what adorns the surfaces of the space — both floor and wall.

Yakitori Yuchan | Design: Benning Design Construction

Taking up much of the square footage in a room, the product chosen for the floor essentially serves as the canvas or backdrop for other décor and furnishings to pair with. You will have to make a decision whether you want a flooring design with a more neutral look to allow for furnishings with more vibrant colors to stand out or if you want the floor to be the center of attention showcasing unique designs or patterns throughout. This will set the tone of the rest of the design elements in the room.

Though it may not necessarily be thought of in the same way, choosing how to finish the walls in an interior space rivals the same level of importance as choosing a design for the flooring. Do you choose wallpaper or paint? Do you create a gallery wall with pieces of art or have a larger scale sign of the company’s logo printed? Does the space need to be more functional with white boards and bulletin boards? There are many options to consider and only one chance to impress patrons coming into your client’s restaurant, office space or store for the first time.

With all of these decisions to make about how you want the wall surfaces to look, there is one more to consider: a wallcovering product like luxury vinyl.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring on Walls

Parterre’s Moraine Walnut design from Avara is Class A certified for wall applications.

As a flooring product, luxury vinyl offers durability and extensive design choices; the same can be said for its use on walls. In fact, luxury vinyl has become the go-to flooring product for wall applications.

Parterre luxury vinyl is naturally water, scratch and stain resistant — an ideal quality whether the installation is on the floor or on the wall. It can be easily installed, is easy to clean and maintain, and if ever needed luxury vinyl is simple to replace in a tile-by-tile method.

However, it is LVT’s design versatility that makes it such an intriguing option for wall applications.

“When choosing designs for a feature or accent wall, a product with texture is key,” said Parterre Designer Roche FitzGerald. “A design with a texture or pattern will show movement on the wall without falling flat —something patrons will want to go up and feel for themselves.”

Yakitori Yuchan | Design: Benning Design Construction

Choose a striking wood aesthetic throughout the interior walls of a restaurant’s dining area, or select two coordinating luxury vinyl designs laid out in a herringbone pattern for a feature wall of a hotel lobby. Not only that, but with luxury vinyl you are able to more easily choose a wallcovering product to complement the look of the floor. Aside from wall applications, luxury vinyl can also be used on smaller surfaces such as the façade of a bar counter at a restaurant (like the bar counter featured above).

Avara Luxury Vinyl Floor & Wall Collection

With design and durability in mind, Parterre offers a collection of luxury vinyl designs in a 2mm format intended for both floor and wall projects. Plank designs from the Avara Luxury Vinyl Floor & Wall collection are Class A fire rated, meaning they have the proper certification to be used on wall applications in interior spaces.

24 options in total, the designs from Avara range from soft wood grains to contemporary planks. Capturing the ever-growing resimercial trend, Avara evokes the feeling of home in any commercial or even living space with its comforting and tranquil design choices.

Parterre’s Fergana Walnut design from Avara is Class A fire rated for wall applications.

Some collection highlights include Cumbria Beech, an abstract wood grain look with a soft texture and watercolor-like feel ideal for contemporary settings, or designs Kennett Ash or Kennett Chalk, which are reclaimed wood look designs with neutral colors. Three walnuts — Carolina Walnut, Fergana Walnut and Moraine Walnut — also offer the look of walnut with a smoother feel.

Not only Class A fire rated, Avara’s plank designs are also FloorScore® certified and have a 10-year residential and commercial warranty. It is also important to note that though Avara designs are specifically certified for wall applications, it is actually possible to use any of Parterre’s 3mm luxury vinyl designs on walls.

With the incorporation of wallcoverings in commercial interior design only increasing in popularity, luxury vinyl continues to be a versatile choice for wall applications. For inspiration, explore our designs and request samples or contact us with any questions.