Parterre Welcomes New Designs, Strava and Cabril, to Storri Collection

Parterre continues to deliver luxury vinyl designs with inspiring stories by adding two unique options — linear, fiber-like Strava and Mediterranean-influenced Cabril — to its Storri Luxury Vinyl collection.

As a whole, the Storri collection is a gathering of design inspiration focusing on the cultural values from diverse environments and the stories they tell. By offering their own narratives and design alternatives in addition to current Storri designs Kennett and Madal, Strava and Cabril round out the collection.

Stunning Designs Added to the Storri Collection

Strava and Cabril offer interior spaces an open page for telling their own story, bringing rich designs to the collection in an offering of 11 color options:

    • Strava – Like the serene cadence of a stream’s current, Strava’s lineation flows together organically as one design. Harmonious for today’s interiors, Strava is derived from the distinct brushstrokes of an original painting exposing a plentiful texture and fiber-like softness paired with a multitude of enriching color tones in each of its seven color options.
    • Cabril – Subtly expressive, Cabril tells a story of its past. Abstract and geometric shapes worn by time give way to an abundant history influenced by a gentle blend of Mediterranean cultures. For interior spaces, Cabril luxury vinyl tile in four colors offers a spirited pattern blanketed in a soft, neutral aesthetic for an old-world feel made new.

Request samples of Strava, Cabril or any of Storri’s designs.

Designs That Inspire Creativity

Available in 18” x 18” x 3mm tile formats, Strava and Cabril are well suited for a variety of commercial spaces. They offer the flexibility to be mixed and matched with other 3mm Parterre flooring products for a unique installation for any design vision.

“Since Strava’s design originated from one of my paintings, it has an almost fabric-like look to it, which works well in today’s interior spaces,” said Parterre Designer Roche FitzGerald. “Cabril, as well, has its own softness with a subtle yet decorative design. Its neutral tones and aged look give off an old world feel, yet there is something fresh about it.”

Strava’s texture brings a softness and warmth to any setting—working particularly well in corporate office spaces including common areas, educational classrooms, college dorms, and medical office lobbies. The neutral aesthetic of Cabril is ideal for restaurants, hotels, boutique retail spaces or department stores, and contemporary offices or lobbies.

Beautifully Designed, Built to Last

Strava and Cabril, along with Storri’s original designs, Kennett and Madal, have the quality of craftsmanship that Parterre is known for.

Utilizing hot press technology, all 22 Storri luxury vinyl designs have a sturdy construction with multiple layers of backing that are fused together to create a tighter bond for a more stable product all around. Like all of Parterre’s luxury vinyl products, Storri flooring features an ultra-clear, high-performance wear layer that is easy to maintain and has a resistance to staining and scuffing. The result is a beautiful floor that is both long lasting and durable.

To learn more or to request samples of Parterre’s newest additions to the Storri Luxury Vinyl collection, contact us.