Resimercial: A Growing Trend in Commercial Design

The natural and warm look of wood is throughout the guest rooms at AC Hotel by Marriott Worcester with Parterre’s Modern Teak LVT design. Photo: JS Photography

What is Resimercial?

Imagine this: you are traveling for a design trade show and have the choice between two hotels. Both are in a similar location and comparable in price, but very different in terms of their look and feel.

In the first hotel room, muted tones adorn the walls covered in framed abstract images; there is a burnt out brass lighting fixture above the bed, a basic wooden desk and dresser underneath a small window and wall-to-wall carpeting in need of updating. The guest room at the second hotel, however, has sunlight spilling in through open blinds and translucent curtains, a white bedspread with blue and yellow throw pillows. There are sleek pewter fixtures throughout and gray wood-look flooring in the living space and bathroom with small area rugs featuring geometric patterns resting on top in various areas.

Which hotel would you choose? Likely, it would be the second option. When you are away from home during a business trip, starting and ending each day in a living space that mimics the comfortable aesthetic of your own home can make you feel more at ease.

This goes beyond hotel spaces, as incorporating warm and inviting furnishings, décor and flooring is a trend seen more frequently in commercial spaces like offices, clothing stores or medical waiting rooms. The resimercial trend, which is the idea of taking the comforting and inviting elements of residential design and using them in commercial spaces, can have a positive effect on happiness and productivity. And better yet, it can be easily accomplished in any space.

Flooring Creates a Canvas

While there are many ways to make a commercial space feel more home-like, such as adding in plants or using couches and other comfortable seating, one of the easiest ways to create a welcoming aesthetic is through the flooring chosen.

Flooring takes up a large space in the design, acting as the canvas for other décor and furnishings to play off of. The flooring design says a lot about the entire look and feel of a commercial space, so choosing the right design is imperative.

Though wood flooring is an ideal option for making a residential space warm and welcoming, hardwood flooring is not always the best option for commercial spaces. That is where luxury vinyl comes in; luxury vinyl offers the look of wood, but with the durability of vinyl. Not only that, but with vinyl you are able to go beyond the traditional wood species and choose a design to match any aesthetic.

The multi-toned luxury vinyl plank flooring at MakeOffices with the bright chairs and dynamic wall design creates an inviting space to work. Design: Gensler | Photo: Halkin Mason Photography

Selecting a flooring design with a soft texture or abstract graining can soften the look of space. Designers often opt for wood looks with a brushed-like pattern to them making the species hard to distinguish, in turn offering a more artful design. Multi-toned planks are another popular choice that add dimension to a flooring installation. Both multi-toned designs and designs with softer textures are available in our Vertu Luxury Vinyl Plank collection.

Another option to consider with flooring is to mix multiple colors or different flooring styles in one installation. Choose two or three different wood designs to blend together for a unique look, or — like the earlier example about the second hotel — mixing a wood look design with an area rug gives off a more home-like vibe similar to what you might have in your own living room or bedroom. Not only in hospitality, but pairing a wood look with a carpet or tile look works well in retail settings like clothing stores or corporate office spaces. Many of these are looks can be accomplished with luxury vinyl.

Going Vertical

Beyond the flooring, interior wall spaces are becoming a large part of the overall design. Aside from showcasing décor on the walls, designers are also creating accent walls in commercial spaces with luxury vinyl products. Whether choosing a vinyl design to be installed on the wall that coordinates with the floor or mixing multiple planks together solely for a rustic wall feature, luxury vinyl has become the go-to flooring product for this design approach. Using luxury vinyl as a wall covering works well for the resimercial trend and is a great way to add more dimension in a commercial setting.

Parterre’s Pier Oak design from Avara is Class A fire rated for wall applications.

Not only that, but Parterre has released a collection of 2mm luxury vinyl designs intended for wall use, Avara Luxury Vinyl Floor & Wall. With the resimercial feel often used in commercial design today, Avara’s plank designs are Class A fire rated for interior wall applications.

Creating an inviting environment — whether in a restaurant, corporate break room, hotel lobby, or fitness studio — will only continue as the resimercial trend grows in popularity. Luxury vinyl offers a variety of design options to suit any resimercial space you are envisioning. For inspiration, explore our designs and request samples or contact us with any questions.