Natural Walnut

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6' x 59' x 2mm sheet/roll

Wear Layer Thickness

0.6 mm

10 Year Warranty

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Product Description

Combining the features of the Remedy line and the unaltered beauty of wood makes the natural selection an asset to the healthcare industry. Offering a pristine look and unparalleled quality, this collection is sure to add style and comfort to any space.

Remedy sheet vinyl is naturally anti-microbial, stain-resistant, sound absorbent and may be heat-welded or chemically welded to keep out dirt and germs. A polyurethane coating protects the product for ease of maintenance.

Size: 6’ x 59’ x 2 mm (sheet / roll)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kinds of projects is resilient sheet vinyl good for?

Parterre resilient sheet vinyl works well in various interior, commercial applications, and due to having less seams, it works particularly well in highly critical healthcare areas that rely on a sanitary work space including: hospital patient rooms, intensive care units and labs.

Resilient sheet vinyl can also be often used in educational settings like class rooms, corporate environments like break rooms, and some hospitality spaces like restaurants.

Q. Should I heat weld or chemically weld resilient sheet vinyl seams?

Though it isn’t always necessary to heat weld or chemically weld resilient sheet vinyl, it is highly suggested if installed in highly critical environments, like emergency rooms or intensive care units. Heat welding, which uses heat to melt a rubber strip between two cuts of the sheet product, is usually the best option for keeping contamination out of seams. Using a liquid adhesive to minimize seams (chemical welding) is also an option. To ensure seams are properly welded, be sure to use the correct grooving and welding equipment.

Refer to our Tile, Plank and Sheet Installation Manual for complete information.

Q. Does resilient sheet vinyl provide a moisture barrier wall-to-wall?

Resilient sheet vinyl provides a moisture barrier wall-to-wall if the seams are heat welded together. (Chemical welding provides a good bonded seam, however it does not ensure a moisture barrier seam.)

Q. Can I flash cove resilient sheet vinyl?

Yes. Flash coving should be considered especially if installing in a highly critical healthcare setting. With flash coving, since the sheet vinyl is extended up on to the wall to form a baseboard, it’s an effective way to aide in keeping a sterile environment clean.

Q. What is the best way to clean resilient sheet vinyl flooring?

Resilient sheet vinyl flooring typically requires basic cleaning methods like sweeping and mopping; however, the traditional two-bucket system has proven to be effective. A two-bucket system allows you to wash your floor with one bucket filled with a neutral cleaner and another bucket filled with clean water, thereby limiting cross contamination and ensuring you’re not spreading around dirt.

While there are simple best practices for keeping vinyl flooring clean, consulting a floor’s manufacturer is best, as some types of vinyl flooring are susceptible to scuffing, discoloration and other damages due to vacuum beater bars and certain cleaning chemicals. Make sure to look for a neutral pH cleaner, as high acidity can strip the floor’s factory shine.

Refer to our General Maintenance Manual for complete information.

Remedy Health Floor Collection

10 Year Limited Warranty: Parterre Flooring Systems warrants all regular line products against manufacturing and material defects within generally accepted standards of the commercial flooring industry, provided that Parterre’s prescribed adhesives, prescribed installation and prescribed maintenance instructions have been followed.

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