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Wood Vinyl Flooring

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Wood: Storri Luxury Vinyl Tile

Create a rustic aesthetic with reclaimed wood vinyl flooring. Available in luxury vinyl plank, reclaimed wood LVT gives you the durability for commercial projects and the design versatility to match any setting. See all Storri Colors >

Ash 99120
Mica 99135
Grain 99110

Wood: Fused Luxury Vinyl Tile

Inspired by the infrastructure and cultural melting pot of the big city, wood vinyl flooring designs from Fused are available in multiple patterns and textures for your design needs.. See all Fused Colors >

Wood: Remedy Luxury Vinyl Tile

Remedy Health Floor addresses the healthcare industry's stringent needs for wood vinyl flooring that's hygienic and durable, yet stylish. The cure for the common floor, Remedy sheet wood vinyl flooring is naturally anti-microbial, stain-resistant and sound absorbent. See all Remedy Colors >

Wood: Reside Luxury Vinyl Tile

Leading the multi-family environments in design performance, wood vinyl flooring designs in the Reside Domestic Floors collection are the perfect solution for light commercial use and multi-family living including apartments, condos, dorms and senior residences. See all Reside Colors >

Wood: InGrained Luxury Vinyl Tile

The InGrained Resilient Plank collection reflects the natural beauty of both traditional classic and exotic wood vinyl flooring designs while still offering the same durability and performance of LVT. Mix and match wood vinyl flooring colors to create a unique environment. See all InGrained Colors >

Wood: Vertu Luxury Vinyl Tile

A contemporary collection of organic wood vinyl flooring designs that embrace the beauty in natural flaws, Vertu Luxury Vinyl Plank offers bold and unique designs to create an inviting space for commercial interiors. See all Vertu Colors >

Red House Oak
Red House Oak 11601
Haystack Oak
Haystack Oak 11604
Evening Oak
Evening Oak 11607

Wood: Sale Luxury Vinyl Tile

Natural Oak
Natural Oak T500
Dark Oak
Dark Oak T503

Parterre’s Premium Vinyl Look Book

Our luxury vinyl flooring has helped transform visionary concepts into the most radiant reality possible in industries ranging from healthcare and hospitality to retail and multi-family.

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