Introducing Our New Luxury Vinyl Flooring Collection: Studio

Parterre’s newest accent luxury vinyl tile collection — Studio Luxury Vinyl — features two new flooring design options sure to accentuate commercial interior spaces. Just as an artist’s studio holds all the creative tools necessary to create a masterpiece, the Studio Luxury Vinyl Tile collection elevates any design vision with its chromatic color options.

The new luxury vinyl flooring designs — Tela and Colour — come in 28 color options ranging from a palette of gray tones and expressive hue variations to vibrant splashes of color.


Here’s a closer look at Parterre’s new designs, Tela and Colour:

Tela  — Inspired by materials used in an artist’s studio, Tela has a woven-like design and authentic texture that offers a neutral canvas for inspiring design freedom within interior spaces. Ranging from a palette of gray tones to expressive hue variations, Tela’s 10 colors are versatile, ultimately enhancing the design of any commercial space. Tela can be installed as a full flooring installation or paired with other luxury vinyl designs for a unique mix and match. 

Colour — Like a palette of paints used to create a work of art, Colour from the Studio Luxury Vinyl collection offers 18 color options designed to complement any flooring design. From bold oranges and red variations to cool blues and vivid greens, Colour thrives when used as an accent within a larger installation of luxury vinyl tile or plank designs.

Versatile for any commercial industry, Tela and Colour can both be used as flooring accents to pair with Parterre’s current running line of 3mm luxury vinyl tile and plank products.


“Studio can be used in a number of ways when designing a commercial space,” said Parterre Designer Roche FitzGerald. “You can create a contemporary office space with a full installation of a neutral gray like Tela Sketch, or add excitement to a bustling student union building by incorporating pops of color like Tela Sky or Colour Cobalt with a plank design.”

In general, color flooring designs like the ones from Studio add personality to a space. For instance, Tela or Colour can be used in a pattern layout to enhance a contemporary luxury vinyl plank design in a boutique or paired with a marble LVT look in the lobby of a hotel. Studio’s designs can be used for wayfinding like isolating different wings in a hospital or separating office spaces in a work environment.

Companies can also use color as part of their branding efforts, choosing specific colors that complement their brand so that consumers can easily recognize the brand’s design in commercial interior spaces. With endless options that can be used as accents within a design, Tela and Colour are versatile for any industry.


Both new flooring designs are offered in a tile format: Studio’s Tela is 18” x 36” x 3mm in size and Colour is 18” x 18” x 3mm.

Ideal for commercial construction, products in the Studio Luxury Vinyl collection are FloorScore certified and have the quality of craftsmanship that Parterre is known for. Utilizing hot press technology, Studio Luxury Vinyl has a sturdy construction with its multiple layers of backing that are fused together to create a tighter bond for a more stable product all around. Like all of Parterre’s luxury vinyl products, Studio flooring features an ultra-clear, high-performance wear layer that is easy to maintain and has a resistance to staining and scuffing. The result is a beautiful floor that is both long lasting and durable.

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