Vinyl Flooring Designs: The Hottest Flooring Trends

Vinyl Flooring Designs Trending This Year

The hottest office trends are all about warm tones, contrasting designs and mixing it up. Parterre luxury vinyl flooring designs are a very popular choice for many reasons — they are easy to clean, provide a warm ambience and are available in a wide array of designs.

What are seeing a return to warm wood tones and various mixing and matching trends, including combining different wood designs and creating bold patterns with various tile flooring designs. The ability to mix and match with vinyl flooring is a huge benefit. The ease of installation, not to mention a standard thickness across many of our collections, gives you the capability to add distressed metal aesthetics or bold wood grain accent looks into an otherwise classic flooring layout.

The long-lasting nature of vinyl flooring designs is another reason for their surge in popularity. Low maintenance and high performance equal a flooring option with longevity, which makes it a sustainable choice for more reasons than its eco-friendly manufacturing. Sustainability is becoming a growing factor as more people are becoming educated on the environmental impact of procuring and manufacturing wood and stone flooring materials (learn more about our commitment to sustainability here).

Here are the top trends we are seeing in 2014:

Mix and Match of Wood Designs


Vertu collection: Snowy Oak 11680, Model Maple 11642 and Winter Oak 11660

Vertu collection: Snowy Oak 11680, Model Maple 11642 and Winter Oak 11660

Mix and match of wood designs are a definite trend. We are seeing it trending in designs and flooring orders this year. Our InGrained and Vertu collections feature wood grain looks in various shades that are great for mixing and matching, allowing you to be creative and use this trend with our diverse vinyl flooring design options.


Look of Wood on Wall

Vinyl Flooring Designs: The Hottest Flooring Trends

Vertu Starry Oak 11671

Many people may not think of vinyl as an option on wall coverings, but our luxury vinyl wood grain plank designs work great on walls due to their durability and low maintenance. Unlike natural wood, they are easy to clean and they do not need a finish. And vinyl wood looks are typically less expensive than traditional wood materials — especially for specialty looks such as the popular reclaimed wood aesthetic. Browse our InGrained and Vertu collections for design ideas.

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Neutral Colors in Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Designs: The Hottest Flooring Trends

Beiersdorf corporate office | InGrained: Lancaster Patina 11406 | Design by: Perkins Eastman

Another hot flooring trend we’re seeing a lot of, especially in corporate and retail applications, is a light or neutral floor to allow vibrant colors in furniture and accent pieces to stand out. Turning a counter, statement piece of furniture or other accent into the centerpiece of your space is a great way to show off your style. Check out the vinyl flooring designs in our Vertu collection for classic, clean looks like this.

Mix of Plank and Tile

InGrained: Lancaster Patina 11406 and HardCore, Acid Metal Copperline 49635

InGrained: Lancaster Patina 11406 | HardCore: Acid Metal Copperline 49635

Think you have to stick to either tile flooring or plank flooring? Think again! One of the great benefits of luxury vinyl flooring is the installation flexibility, allowing various designs to be mixed together creatively, as well as the ability to mix tiles with planks. All of our flooring can be mixed and matched, and with hundreds of styles, designs, patterns, textures and colors, you have nearly limitless possibilities to match any hot new flooring trend you are inspired by. Take a look at our Fused and HardCore collections to see some great statement looks that are made with mixing and matching in mind.


Vinyl Flooring Designs: The Hottest Flooring Trends

The Beer Store Boutique | InGrained Lancaster Patina 11406 | Design: II BY IV Design | Photography: David Whittaker

Patterns are big this year — we’re seeing designers use our tile and plank flooring to put together herringbone, plaid, jack on jack, zig-zags and other iconic designs in focus areas. Using different designs in similar shades to create a monochrome patchwork, or using a variety of colors in the same design to create a multi-colored pattern — your options are limitless with the wide array of vinyl flooring designs available in 2014. Check out our Fused and HardCore collections for a sampling of our tile flooring design options.

Sectional Areas with Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Designs: The Hottest Flooring Trends

FusedToo: Infrastructure | Design by: FOX Architects | Photography: Ron Blunt

Using different flooring designs to section off areas is another popular flooring trend. Maximize spacious areas by visually separating spaces for collaboration or walkways using contrasting flooring colors or designs. We’re seeing warm, neutral tones in work areas, specifically for dot-commers, and bright, modern flooring for walkways and recreational areas. See our Fused and Elemental collections for inspiration in this trend.

Current flooring trends open the door for many creative options in your next project. Play around in our Inspiration section for more ideas on vinyl flooring designs. And we love talking flooring trends and design — contact us about your upcoming project. We have a passion for bringing a designer’s work from concept into reality, and helping them to achieve and exceed their vision.

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